Get Insights and
Make Decisions
with Quality Data.

Understand your school. Compare with others.
See the big trends and the local issues.

Answer the Big Questions

How do we grow enrollment? How do we attract top talent? Where can we find new students? What will our local population look like in 5 years? Use the data in DASL tools to find these answers and more.

Compare With Other Schools

Create your own groups and compare your school to find areas for improvement. With over 25 years of data and over 1,800 schools, DASL has the data you need to get a clear picture.

Present like a Pro

Export charts to PowerPoint, tables to PDF, maps to images, and data to Excel. Use them to create your presentation and lead your audience to insights and understanding.

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DASL Data Are Accurate

With a dedicated data quality team, a cutting edge engineering team, and partnerships with top-knotch data providers, DASL combines the best data from independent schools with the most relevant data from others for insights you can use to lead into the future.